Lancaster Sertoma Meets 1st & 3rd Thursdays
at 5:30PM at the Tennis & Yacht Club

How to Volunteer

How to Volunteer

We need you! We are looking for individuals or groups who would like to help serve over 24,000+ chicken dinners at our 67th Annual Chicken BBQ. A list of assignments is detailed below. Decide where you’d like to help and call Sertoma Club Volunteer Coordinator June Chipman @ (717) 875-7012 or email to sign up for the Big Day!

All Volunteers will receive:

  • Volunteer Luncheon
  • T-Shirt
  • Great Time and Lots of Fun!
  • linesupport

    Chicken Loaders

    You’ll be responsible for unloading the chicken from the truck in preparation for its journey to the BBQ pits.

  • pitcrews

    Pit Crews

    You will work in the pits, not to change tires or fill gasoline, but to roast the chicken to golden brown perfection.

  • unloaders

    Chicken Unloaders

    You will help in taking the chicken off the rack, and on its way to the assembly lines.

  • baggers


    You will place the golden brown beauties into neat little bags to seal in that smoky flavor.

  • linesupport

    Line Support

    Barbecue goers will cheer and salute you as you assemble the chicken dinners into the dinner boxes, being careful not to forget the wet naps.

  • carloaders

    Car Loaders

    You will deliver the boxed dinners to the lines of cars coming through Long’s Park.